Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 figures I forgot in the last update, 1 new one, and 2 awesome 3 inch customs!

Hi I'm back! Lets kick things off with 10 inch Sonic! I love his sculpt and everything about this figure! But, sadly, I would not recommend to a friend. I went to Toys R Us and all their 10 inches have a broken hand. I hope this gets fixed soon.
Hello Tails! This is the best super poser ever! I want one so badly! It has no flaws literally! Great Sculpt, Great Articulation, and great colors! You need this figure is the cure to common cold!
Sonic Free Riders Sonic! He comes with goggles and extreme gear. He is just like the first 3inch Sonic except the fact that he has different gloves and different sculpted shoes that fit on the pegs in the extreme gear. Now we have Knuckles. Not just any Knuckles, MINI KNUCKLES! Now we have Knuckles tojoin the mini army!
I am Mephiles, Mephiles the Dark. This figure is awesome! This is one of the best custom 3inchs I have seen... But it has competion. Cosmo the Seedrian! I am trying to decide which one I like the best. Comment on which one you like the best!

All picture taken from Sonic Gear

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mega Jazwares Update

Sorry I haven't been here in a while, but I have a whole lot of Sonic Toys to show you!

Big has a box and Froggy has a picture! The background is Big the Cats house. Isn't that neet? PERSONAL STORY ALERT: I was at Toys R Us going all like "oh boy i'm going to get Big!" And so I got one and when I was in the car Froggy was missing! He was not in the box at all. Comment if you want to see my misprint.

Clear Purple Espio! I like to call him Invisible Espio. He is exactly like the first one except his color. He is very cheaply made because when I got him out of the box I bent his shoulder and his arm snapped right off! I want to assume this was a shipping problem >_>

They said they where going to make more 5" and they did! Meet Sonic with the white and red Whisp! The Whisp look amazing! Their sculpt is VERY accurate... unless the white one is Yacker. Yacker is at the top of the box. So Merry Christmas getting this.

All Star Racer Tails! You know how I said a sensed creative stop motion with the little one? Well I sense VERY creative stop motion. He has curved hand so he can grasp the handle bars. His plane is a great sculpt and it even came with that little Tails logo. I just wonder how he will fit in the plane?

Jet the Hawk! He is the finale of the update because he is the first one of his kind. He comes with his trademark board and goggles. His sculpt his very well made I must say. His beak looks a little chubby to me if you asked me. But I would buy this figure.

And ROUGE THE BAT is coming out in 2011!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Big and Tails from Sonic Gear.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Figures coming soon without a picture

1. Charmy is coming as a 3inch. I mean what is Espio and Vector without Charmy
2. They are making my 3rd favorite character Jet in 3inch. And some more Sonic Free Riders figures (Wave, Storm, ect.)
3. They are making Chaos 0 in 3inch. He is going to be a see through.
4. My favorite girl character Blaze is going to be made in 3inch.
5. Omega is going to be made in 3inch. Rouge possibly, many request her.
6. Sonic is being made in 10inch.
7. Froggy is coming with Big in 3inch.
8. Super Poser Tails is coming. There is a prototype picture from Toy Island, but not Jazwares.
9. They are making Sonic Colors toys. It is unknown what scale they are in.
10. Tails, Knuckles, and Silver are coming in the plush line.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Super Update

Ok, I nearly passed out when I heard they where making a Super Silver and now that I saw it  I passed out. I already did a review of Super Sonic and Super Shadow. So Super Silver didn't get much screen time. He was in only one game but he made the cut. They have his color right. And since I'm a Silver fan boy I'm going to say GET THIS. Oh by the way The Chaos Emeralds are in the  background. Below are 5 facts about Silver.

1. Silver was about to be an orange mink
2. His theme song has the same tune as Green Hill Zone music.
3. He is the only Hedgehog that isn't fast
4. In Sonic and the Black Knight Silver is Shadow's son.
5. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl his trophy looks like S.Sonic

Picture taken for Sonic Gear

Facts from Sonic Wiki

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update number 4

First lets start out with Vector and Espio. I already did the figures but now look at the box. It has a team Chaotix comic book and it has Vector and Espio Sonic Channel art. Bottom line is get it.

This isn't exactly a toy but Silver is my favorite character so I covering it. This is some sort of phone charm. Silver is the Sonic Channel art. There is a little white chaos emerald to. If I found it I would buy it.

Here is a up-close view of Eggman in his monster truck. OK lets start out with Eggman. He looks like the final version of his 3inch figure. So that means he's wicked awesome! Now onto the car. Everything is great. But we don't know what will be under the car.

Toy Island started to make these four as Super Posers! But only Sonic and Shadow made the final cut. Jazwares made Knuckles and now they have said Tails is going to be a Super Poser! So I guess we can consider Tails a first look?

All pictures take from Sonic Gear

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun facts (Bonus at end)

Hey everyone! I hatched an idea! I'm going to give you 5 cool facts about Sonic Toys. Plus a bonus.
1. Toy Island Big the Cat is the first action figure to be labeled as a Sonic X toy.
Big surprise huh? Why did they make him first? Oh well.

2. This is a rumor. Not true or true. Very first Sonic Toy! Cool right!

3. The 5" Werehog is the first Sonic Toy made by Jazwers. Its a good start for them. WARNING PERSONAL STORY ALERT: On Black Friday, I got in the huge line at Toys R Us. I got in there and I got one. In the car I opened him and tried to put him in a cool pose. His legs broke off. And I was all like D:<. So I super glued them back on. That's why I don't use him much in stop motion on my youtube (may196611).

4. Getting happy meals pays off in the long run. This is the very first Eggman toy. He's a wind up toy. I don't know if he's the first Sonic wind up but yeah. I got this dude at a flea market. I got cool Sonic stuff at the flea market. Comment if you want to see the stuff.

5. Chris. Seriously. If you make a Sonic X exclusive character make it Cosmo or Bokkun. Bokkun is better than this guy. But this is the first cartoon exclusive toy ever made. And he is the least articulated action figure with only 3 points, head and arms.

The villain 2 pack. Its a great addition to any collection! Metal Sonic has already been released once. So he already has a review. But just look at the box. EGGMANS BASE! It comes with that tube Metal Sonic is trapped in. In my opinion this is the best box yet for any Sonic toy. Oh and one more thing, Eggman's mustache is brown in this box! I wonder what the Super Hedgehog's background will look like?

Pictures taken from Sonicgear

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First 4 Figures Update!

I forgot to cover them in my very first post so here is line 2. Lets do Metal Sonic first. Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic looks good for his classic style. His sculpt is decent. His legs are a little chubby. The got all the color right to. Remember that these guys joints don't move so don't force their parts.

Amy looks EXCELLENT for her classic look. I think this is the first classic Amy figure.They got her sculpt right. Her tutu is in proportion to here body. She has a nice smile added. The only thing I have to complain about is... well nothing. I think this is the best figure in the line!

Super Sonic. Better than the Super Poser Version and worse than the 3inch action figure coming out. His sculpt is on track but... Look at his eyes! He looks like he's confused of something. They could have gave him a better pose more "Super Sonic" like. And remember this is classic Super Sonic so his eyes should be green. Other than the eyes they have his color right. The bottom line is buy this line! Clear off a shelf to display these guys at. There worth it by the looks of the pictures.

Pictures taken from Sonicgear